Need to clean up living room

get ready for 2010

created google apps and email dabh73@23usa.com MX records added to reflect google

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2009 12 23


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Boston trip to see Uvinie

74352 is what my mileage meter says. It’s 9:33AM on Saturday Dec 19, 2009. Managed to escape major snow storm. ETA 1:25pm.

10am Uvinie called to say hi. I said I am on the way and barely escaped snow storm. She then suggested that I take the train. Haha.

12 noon. http://maps.google.com?q=41.801487,-72.552059&t=m

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2009-12-09 Influenza vaccine 2009 H1N1

Took the vaccine shot at 9:45AM.  1 Hour later, my head was a little heavy.  2 hours later, at 11:45am…my eyes are a little burning.  At 12:12 noon time, slight burning sensation was gone.   Its 3:07PM and now feels normal.

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