2010-05-27 Cainer Cancer forecast

CANCER (Jun 23 – Jul 23) Thu, 27 May 2010 Can you work a little harder? Can you give a little more? Or are you maxed out? Have you already put all that you have got into a situation that keeps demanding more of you? Why do you feel such a strong obligation to try . . . → Read More: 2010-05-27 Cainer Cancer forecast

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2010-05-28 List of items

1. I need micro cassette tapes for the panasonic small video camera, which I am planning to use during your visit to Sri Lanka, May be you can get about 6 pieces bundle from BJs.

Call credit card and let them know I am travelling to Sri Lanka and not to block it when I . . . → Read More: 2010-05-28 List of items

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Thank You from 123Greetings

Thank You from 123Greetings.

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Scary times in Wallstreet

scary time in wallstreeet most turbulent days ever sec investigating simple typo was to blame.. trader accidentally placed an order to sell 16 bill worth of futures instead of 16 mill..at one point sales of excenture fell from $42 to a penny. by closing bells all the market, partially recovered DOW dropped 347 points , . . . → Read More: Scary times in Wallstreet

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2010-05-05 Verizon Broadband Speed at 1275 York H704A

Download Speed: 1857 kbps (232.1 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 715 kbps (89.4 KB/sec transfer rate)

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2010-05-02 Times Square Bomb

2010-05-02  Times Square Bomb

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