2014-10-31 Cell phone deal

T-Mobile offers the Nokia Lumia 635 Windows Phone 8.1 for T-Mobile bundled with a SIM Starter Kit for $10 up front then $3.99 per month for 24 months. (A total of $105.76) Even better, free shipping applies. It features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 4.5″ 854×480 IPS LCD, 512MB RAM, 8GB internal memory, . . . → Read More: 2014-10-31 Cell phone deal

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2014-10-30 Gym (Thursday 8p-10p)

Feet Up Crunch 200 Lower abs cable pull 200 135lbs Elypticle 60min 670 cal Triceps 3 sets 10 rep Shoulders 3 sets 10 rep

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2014-10-30 Thursday Sleepcycle

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2014-10-29 Sleepcycle

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2014-10-24 Citizenfour Documentary

Whatever You Think of Edward Snowden, Go See Citizenfour Now

26,13311 ace Adam Clark Estes ProfileFollow

Adam Clark Estes Filed to: CITIZENFOUR EDWARD SNOWDEN NSA LAURA POITRAS MOVIES DOCUMENTARIES SURVEILLANCE SPIES PRIVACY NATIONAL SECURITY SECURITY Yesterday 12:47pm Share to Kinja Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Go to permalink Whatever You Think of Edward Snowden, . . . → Read More: 2014-10-24 Citizenfour Documentary

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2014-10-18 Sat Gym

Elyptical 1hr 650 calories

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2014-10-18 Sat @ 13:30 Bagel Express north Brunswick Speed test

Downloads at 18.89 and uploads at 4.8mbps

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2014-10-17 Friday – iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus Pros and Cons

1) Larger screen is easier to type – blogs -emails 2) plus has a much better camera than the 6 3) Great display for videos and pictures Excellent battery life 4) facebook experience nice on big screen 5) Improved DAC better sound quality

Cons – harder to carry

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2014-10-07 Ebola


Public Notices: Common Questions about Ebola// // // //

Eight New York State and three New Jersey hospitals have been designated to care for patients with Ebola. have a protocol in place that includes placing the individual in isolation and work with the New York City Department of Health to transport the patient . . . → Read More: 2014-10-07 Ebola

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2014-10-26 Thursday NJ North Brunswick Speed test iPhone 6 Cablevision

Down 32 up 27

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