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2014-12-29 How raw honey aids in sleep quality

When we think of the best foods to eat at night, raw honey might not pop into our heads because of how sweet it is, and eating anything sweet before bed typically doesn’t end well.

But raw honey is different because of its natural composition, to the point where some doctors are even recommending . . . → Read More: 2014-12-29 How raw honey aids in sleep quality

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2014-12-24 How to speed up your Mac

Remove the Dashboard

-start terminal and type “defaults write mcx-disable -boolean YES” enter then “killall Dock”

Remove login items – Users & Groups – Login Items – remove by pressing “-”

Remove Preferences under System Preferences

Monolinggual download and clear unused languages

Monolingual: AppCleaner: OnyX:

. . . → Read More: 2014-12-24 How to speed up your Mac

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2014-12-20 Gym 4:30 – 5:40

300 crunches 4 sets 50 reps free motion abdominal 130lbs 45 min elliptical

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2014-12-03 VPN

Java 8 update 25 seems to have issues with Junos

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2014-11-06 Recover Autosaved outlook attachment

From Microsoft Office 2010 help Word > File management Recover Unsaved Versions in Office 2010 Show All Hide All It is now easier to recover aMicrosoft Word 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010, or Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 file if you close your file without saving, or you want to review or return to an earlier version of . . . → Read More: 2014-11-06 Recover Autosaved outlook attachment

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