2015-09-25 PodClear has been acquired by Blab.im!

PodClear has been acquired by Blab.im!

The PodClear team will officially be joining forces with the incredible Blab.im team to create the coolest content creation and consumption platform on the web.


  Blab is an interactive social media platform and a dream come true for those who are already in the audio and video . . . → Read More: 2015-09-25 PodClear has been acquired by Blab.im!

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2015-09-16 Vanderbilt YMCA

7:00-7:30 Steam room 7:30-8:30 swim lesson 2 paddle front and back

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2015-09-09 Vanderbilt YMCA

Aqua zoomba 6:45-7:30 7:30-8:30 Swim lesson 1 – floating and test deep end waters

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205-09-05 Gym Sat 1hr

200 abs sit-ups 100 abs sides cable pull 135lbs 30 min cycle 200 cal 3 miles

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