2015-12-30 Unlock AT&T iPhone

2015-12-30 Thank You For Your Confirmation

Your unlock request is in review now. Please allow two business days to process it.

We’ll send you an email message soon with the status of your request, or check it yourself on the Device Unlock Status Portal .

Remember that your . . . → Read More: 2015-12-30 Unlock AT&T iPhone

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2015-12-30 How to speed up iPhones / iPads / etc

Hold top right button until slide to turn off appears

Do not slide to turn off. Instead hold down the home button until iOS refreshes and clears RAM. In a second or two you will be back to home screen with speed as if you had turned off the phone and turned on.

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2015-12-03 Thursday Cardio-Pulmonary holiday party

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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2015-12-15 Gym Swim

15 laps

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2015-12-09 Deals


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2015-12-6 Gym Sunday 30 min

25 sit-ups core abs 30 min elliptical cross amp 350 cal

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2015-12-01 Roku 2

Chromecast $35 2015 model Roku 1 $49 Roku 2 $59.99 Fire TV stick by Amazon $49.99 FireTV stick $39.99 Apple TV 32gb 149.99 AppleTV 64GB $199.99 Roku 3 $99.99

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2015-12-01 Sri Lanka Trip list

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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2015-12-03 Happiness


Sometimes in life, all the experience and knowledge simmering around in that ol’ consciousness of ours combines itself in a way that suddenly causes the cerebral clockwork to click into place, and in this fluid flow of thought we find an epiphany rising to the surface.

One such point for me came in my . . . → Read More: 2015-12-03 Happiness

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