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Things i wish you said in your docs… 4 postsStarted 2 years ago by calLatest reply from jpatapoffTags:No tags yet.calMember1. That i would need an FTDI cable to change my twitter username. This should really be shown right at the start, so you can get your cable before you need it, since it takes a few days to arrive. Ideally right when you buy the kit!2. That you need to install VCOM drivers for an FTDI cable! You can get them here: youre on a Mac, make sure to install 2.2.10, NOT 2.1.10. It will require a reboot.3. From the docs: “When you are ready to upload the code, select the correct serial port and NG board type on the Tools menu”. This made me want to tear out my own eyes. What are the correct settings!!?For me, the serial port was /dev/tty.usbserial-FTE4Y19Y. If you dont have one that looks like that on a mac, then the FTDI driver isnt installed, or the cable isnt plugged in.The board type for everyone i assume should be “Arduino NG or older w/ ATmega168”. That was posted in the forum, but not in the docs.4. The Serial Monitor in the Arduino software is not in any of the menus – its the rightmost button on the toolbar. You should see 5 “moist: x” messages for every “watered: x” message. At bootup the console just says “Botanicalls v2.15”, not what the docs say.5. If you get an error like “timed out on reset – check xport”, try resetting your board hit the reset button and waiting for it to reboot. That cleared some weirdness for me.POSTED 2 YEARS AGO #botanicalls0084MemberI so agree. Have been running the kit for a while and found it to be utterly boring. Only now I found out I need some freakin cable to be able to customize the alerts.Where do I get a cable like this and why was it not included in the kit?????POSTED 2 YEARS AGO #adminKey MasterThanks, Cal.This is UBER helpful and well update the instructions with this info. Were working now to simplify the process much further – but this is great!POSTED 2 YEARS AGO #jpatapoffMemberI found the FTDI cable at Here is the direct link: is the “USB TTL-232” cable, which Rob has confirmed as being compatible. Cant wait to get started!

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