Nikon D3X 24.5MP FX CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0-Inch LCD Body Nikon D3X 24.5MP FX CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0-Inch LCD Body Only: Camera & Photo.


Body material Magnesium alloy
Sensor • 35.9 x 24 mm CMOS sensor
• FX format
• RGB Color Filter Array
• Built-in fixed low-pass filter
• 25.72 million total pixels
• 24.5 million effective pixels
• 3:2 aspect ratio
Image processor Nikon EXPEED
Image sizes
(FX format)
• 6048 x 4032 [L]
• 4544 x 3024 [M]
• 3024 x 2016 [S]
Image sizes
(DX format)
• 3968 x 2640 [L]
• 2976 x 1976 [M]
• 1984 x 1320 [S]
Image sizes
(5:4 format)
• 5056 x 4032 [L]
• 3792 x 3024 [M]
• 2528 x 2016 [S]
File formats • NEF (12-bit or 14-bit, compressed or lossless compressed RAW)
• JPEG (EXIF 2.21)
Lens mount • Nikon F mount with AF coupling and AF contacts
• No field of view crop (full-frame)
• When using DX lenses / DX mode 1.5x FOV crop
Usable lenses • Type G or D AF NIKKOR: All functions supported
• DX AF NIKKOR: All functions supported except FX-format (36×24)/5:4 (30×24) image size
• AF NIKKOR other than type G or D: All functions supported except 3D Color Matrix Metering II
• AI-P NIKKOR: All functions supported except autofocus and 3D Color Matrix Metering II
• Non-CPU AI NIKKOR: Can be used in exposure modes A and M; electronic rangefinder can be used if maximum aperture is f/5.6 or faster; Color Matrix Metering and aperture value display supported if user provides lens data
* IX NIKKOR lenses cannot be used
* Excluding lenses for F3AF
Auto Focus • 51 focus points (15 cross-type sensors)
• Multi-CAM 3500FX
• AF working range: -1 to +19 EV (ISO 100, normal temperature)
• Contrast Detect in Live View (Tripod) mode
• TLL phase-difference AF in Handheld Live View mode
Lens Servo • Single Servo AF [S]
• Continuous Servo AF [C]
• Manual focus [M]
• Focus Tracking automatically activated by subject’s status in [S] or [C] AF
Focus Point • Single point from 51 or 11 focus points
• Liveview (Tripod mode): Contrast AF on a desired point anywhere within frame
AF Area Mode • Single point AF
• Dynamic Area AF [9 points, 21 points, 51 points, 51 points (3D-tracking)]
• Automatic-area AF
Focus Lock

Focus can be locked by pressing shutter-release button halfway (single-servo AF) or by pressing AE-L/AF-L button

AF assist External Speedlite only
Exposure modes • Program Auto [P] with flexible program
• Shutter-Priority Auto [S]
• Aperture-Priority Auto [A]
• Manual [M]

TTL full-aperture exposure metering using 1005-pixel RGB sensor
• 3D Color Matrix Metering II (type G and D lenses); Color Matrix Metering II (other CPU lenses); Color Matrix Metering (non-CPU lenses if user provides lens data)
• Center-Weighted: Weight of 75% given to 12-mm circle in center of frame, diameter of circle can be changed to 8, 15 or 20 mm, or weighting can be based on average of entire frame (non-CPU lenses use 12-mm circle or average of entire frame)
• Spot: Meters 4-mm circle (about 1.5% of frame) centered on selected focus point (on center focus point when non-CPU lens is used)

Metering range • 3D Color Matrix Metering: 0 to 20 EV
• Center-Weighted Metering: 0 to 20 EV
• Spot Metering: 2 to 20 EV
• At normal temperature (20°C/68°F), ISO 100 equivalent, f/1.4 lens
Meter coupling Combined CPU and AI
Exposure lock At detected value with AE-L/AF-L button
Exposure bracketing • 2 to 9 frames
• 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 or 1 EV steps
Exposure compen. • +/-5.0 EV
• 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV steps
Sensitivity • Default: ISO 100 – 1600 in 1/3, 1/2 or 1.0 EV steps
• Boost: 50 – 6400 in 1/3, 1/2 or 1.0 EV steps, HI2 = ISO 6400
Shutter • Electronically-controlled vertical-travel focal plane shutter
• 30 to 1/8000 sec (1/3, 1/2 or 1.0 EV steps)
• Flash X-Sync: 1/250 sec
• Bulb
DOF Preview • Stop-down lens aperture by pressing button
• Activates modeling flash
White balance • Auto (1005-pixel CCD, image sensor)
• Presets (seven) with fine tuning
• Manual presets (four)
• Color temperature in Kelvin (2500 – 10000 K, 31 steps)
• White balance bracketing (2 to 9 frames in increments of 1, 2 or 3)
Picture Control • Standard
• Neutral
• Vivid
• Monochrome
Image parameters • Sharpening: Auto, 7 levels
• Contrast: Auto, 5 levels, Custom tone curve
• Brightness: 3 levels
• Saturation: Auto, 5 levels
• Hue: 5 levels
Color space • sRGB
• Adobe RGB
Viewfinder • Optical-type fixed eye-level pentaprism
• Built-in diopter adjustment (-3 to +1m-1)
• Eyepoint: 18 mm (at -1.0m-1)
• Focusing screen: Type B BriteView Clear Matte VI screen
• Frame coverage 100%
• Viewfinder magnification approx 0.7x with 50 mm f/1.4 lens
Focusing screen • B-type BrightView Clear Matte Screen II
• Superimposed focus brackets
• On-demand grid lines
LCD monitor • 3.0″ low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD
• 920,000 pixels (VGA; 640 x 480 x 3 colors)
• 170° viewing angle
• Brightness adjustment
• 100% frame coverage
LCD Liveview • Handheld mode: TLL phase-difference AF with 51 focus areas (15 cross-type sensors)
• Tripod mode: focal-plane contrast AF on a desired point within a specific area
Shooting modes • Single frame
• Continuous Low [CL]: 1 – 5 fps
• Continuous High [CH]: 5 fps (6 – 7 fps with DX format)
• Liveview [LV]
• Self-Timer (programmable)
• Mirror-up mode
Continuous buffer • JPEG Large/Normal: 130 shots
• RAW: no data yet
Self-timer • 2, 5, 10 and 20 sec custom
Flash control •TTL flash control with 1,005-pixel RGB sensor; i-TTL balanced fill-flash and standard i-TTL fill-flash available with SB-800, 600 or 400
• AA (Auto Aperture-type) flash: Available with SB-800 used with CPU lens
• Non-TTL Auto: Available with Speedlights such as SB-800, 28, 27, and 22S
• Range-priority manual flash; available with SB-800
Flash Sync Mode • Front-curtain Sync (normal)
• Red-Eye Reduction
• Red-Eye Reduction with Slow Sync
• Slow Sync
• Rear-curtain Sync
Flash Accessory Shoe ISO 518 standard-type hot shoe contact; Safety lock mechanism provided
Flash Sync Terminal ISO 519 standard terminal, lock screw provided
Creative Lighting System

With Speedlights such as SB-900, SB-800, SB-600, SB-R200, SU-800 (commander only), System (CLS) supports Advanced Wireless Lighting, Auto FP High-Speed Sync, Flash Color Information Communication, modeling flash and FV lock

Orientation sensor Tags images with camera orientation
Playback mode • Full frame
• Thumbnail (4 or 9 images)
• One-touch zoom
• Slideshow
• RGB histogram
• Shooting data
• Highlight point
• Auto image rotation
• Image Comment (up to 36
• Voice Memo Input and Playback

• Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
• Dutch
• English
• Finnish
• French
• German
• Italian
• Japanese
• Korean
• Polish
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Spanish
• Swedish

Custom functions 50 custom functions
Connectivity • USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed)
• HDMI video out
• Remote control 10-pin terminal
• PC Sync flash terminal
10-pin terminal

• GPS: NMEA 0183 (Ver. 2.01 and 3.01) interface standard supported with 9-pin D-sub cable and GPS Cable MC-35 (optional)
• Remote control: via 10-pin terminal

Communications FTP and PTP/IP file transfer with optional Wireless Transmitter WT-3 (IEEE 802.11 b/g)
Storage • Dual Compact Flash Type I or II
• UDMA, Microdrive and FAT32 supported
• 36 characters of text can be input and stored in EXIF header
Power • Lithium-Ion EN-EL4a/EL4
• Quick Charger MH-22/MH-21
• Optional AC adapter EH-6
Battery monitoring The LCD monitor on the camera back displays the following information
about the EN-EL4a battery:
• Remaining charge (%)
• No. of shots taken since last charge
• Battery life (5 stages)
Dimensions 160 x 157 x 88 mm (6.3 x 6.2 x 3.4 in)
Weight (no batt) 1220 g (2.11 lb)
Operating environment

Temperature: 0 – 40 °C / 32 – 104 °F, Humidity: under 85% (no condensation)

Box contents

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL4a, Quick Charger MH-22, USB Cable UC-E4, Audio
Video Cable EG-D2, Camera Strap AN-D3X, Body Cap BF-1A, Accessory Shoe Cover BS-2, Eyepiece DK-17, Battery Chamber Cover BL-4, USB Cable Clip, Software Suite CD-ROM

Optional accessories

Wireless Transmitter WT-4/4A, Magnifying Eyepiece DK-17M, AC Adapter EH-6, Capture NX2 Software, Camera Control Pro 2 Software, Image Authentication Software

Body & Design

The D3X is the D3’s identical twin; the only visible difference on the exterior of the body is the new ‘X’ on the label. The design is an evolution from the D2 series and therefore photographers familiar with the previous Nikon pro series will feel immediately at home with the D3/D3X. The button layout is almost identical and the control changes made are sensible improvements rather than completely new concepts. This is good news for working professionals switching bodies – as is the fact that the control layout consistency extends down the range to the D700 and D300, making them perfect as backup bodies.

The D3X’s proportions make it almost square, and thanks to a magnesium shell it is almost literally as solid as a brick. Robust surfaces, soft rubber on the grips, oversized buttons, locked controls and environmental seals add up to a purposeful camera which has been designed with the requirements of the professional photographer in any situation.

Side by side

Below we have the D3X beside its main competitor in the pro segment of the market, the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III (21 megapixel). Both of these cameras feature professional bodies with integrated vertical grips and have comparable dimensions.

In your hand

The D3X feels comfortable and sturdy in your hand, the grip is just the right size, depth and shape to be both comfortable and easy to hold. Careful shaping of the rear and the use of soft rubber add to the overall feeling of solidity, buttons and other controls are positioned to be used easily. We said in our D2X review that we felt Nikon had the edge over the Canon EOS-1D series for ‘real world ergonomics’, that remains true with the D3/D3X.

LCD monitor

The D3X features the same screen as most recent Nikon DSLRs. It covers 100% of the frame, has a 170º viewing angle and with its 921,600 dots (VGA resolution x 3 for each color channel) the display is very smooth and detailed. When magnifying an image in playback mode you can easily see sharpness, focus accuracy and even noise without zooming in too much.

Top & Rear Control Panels

Just like the D2 series the D3/D3X has two status/control panel displays, one on the top of the camera and one on the rear. Both panels have a green back light which can be illuminated by flicking the power switch to the lamp position, it’s spring loaded and returns to ‘ON’, the back light stays on for the ‘auto meter-off’ time (CSM c2). You can also choose to have the back lights come on with any button press (CSM d7). You can customize the information displayed on the rear control panel and viewfinder display via CSM d5. Each panel is shown below along with a diagram of all information displayed.

Top Control Panel

*1 • Shutter-speed
• Exposure compensation value
• Number of shots in bracketing sequence
• Number of intervals
• Focal length (non-CPU lens)
• Flash compensation value
• ISO sensitivity
*4 • Frame count
• Preset white balance recording
• Manual lens number
*2 • Aperture (f-number)
• Aperture (number of stops)
• Bracketing increment
• Number of shots per interval
• Maximum aperture (non-CPU lens)
• PC mode indicator
*5 • Electronic analog exposure display
• Exposure compensation
• Bracketing progress indicator
• PC mode indicator
• Tilt indicator
*3 • Number of exposures remaining
• Number of shots remaining before buffer fills
• Camera control indicator
*6 • Remaining indicator
• Continuous remaining indicator

Rear Control Panel

*1 • ISO sensitivity
• Number of exposures remaining
• Length of voice memo
• White balance fine-tuning
• White balance preset number
• Color temperature
• PC mod indicator

Diagram reproduced with permission from the Nikon D3X user manual.


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Nikon D3X 24.5MP FX CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only)

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Nikon D3X 24.5MP FX CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only)

by Nikon

4.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (29 customer reviews)  Like(60)

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Technical Details

  • Extreme resolution 24.5-megapixel FX-format (35.9 x 24.0mm) CMOS sensor
  • Nikon EXPEED image processing technologies; 138 MB processed NEF (RAW) 12 or 14-bit image files
  • 3-inch super-density 920,000-dot VGA LCD monitor; 100 percent viewfinder coverage
  • Two Live View shooting modes; continuous shooting at up to 5 fps at full FX-format resolution
  • Dual CF card slots with overflow, backup and copy options

Nikon D3x DSLR: Highly Recommended by

Read the full Nikon D3x DSLR review at

When we reviewed the Nikon D3 in April last year we said that it was ‘possibly the most compelling, capable and well-rounded professional digital SLR ever made’ and that an (at the time non-existent) D3X ‘would have quite a job to do to better the D3’. The D3X eventually became reality in December. We’ve had one for just over a month now and after thousands of sample shots both in the studio and out in the wild you would think we should be able to confidently answer the question if the ‘X’ variant is capable of bettering the original D3.

Read the full Nikon D3x DSLR review at

Product Details

    • Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 6.2 x 3.4 inches ; 2.7 pounds
    • Shipping Weight: 7 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
    • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.
    • ASIN: B001MJ03U0
    • Item model number: 25442
    • Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (29 customer reviews)
    • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #6,675 in Camera & Photo (See Top 100 in Camera & Photo)
    • Date first available at November 30, 2008


Product Description

From the Manufacturer

Nikon is proud to announce the new 24.5-megapixel FX-format (35.9 x 24.0mm) D3X digital SLR camera! Joining the award-winning 12.1-megapixel D3, the D3X brings extreme resolution performance to Nikon professional flagship-level D-SLRs. The D3X was meticulously engineered for professional photographers whose assignments demand nothing less than the ability to capture extreme fidelity, detail and nuance in ways now made possible with the amazing D3X.
D3X Digital SLRNikon Extreme Digital SLR Image Quality
In the studio or on location, the D3X faithfully captures NEF (RAW) files that, when processed, are approximately 138 MB! Of course, neither a Nikon 24.5-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor nor 138 MB files are of value unless they deliver truly superior image quality. And in this regard, the new D3X exceeds expectations. Like its 12.1-megapixel D3 counterpart, the D3X features Nikon’s exclusive EXPEED image processing technologies teamed with the proprietary Nikon Scene Recognition System to ensure the utmost in image fidelity, low noise, faster, more accurate autofocus and amazing file processing speed that makes continuous shooting at up to five frames per second possible. In addition, the D3X’s ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 1600 (with Lo1, 50 and Hi 2 up to 6400) is mindful of the needs of photographers specializing in commercial, fashion and fine art photography.Nikon Professional D-SLR System Synergy
Nikon engineers understand that the needs of professional photographers vary with their assignments. Nikon also understands that a photographer’s workflow can be seriously impacted by cameras with widely dissimilar handling, which is why the D3X takes its design cues from the enormously successful D3. Logical and familiar control layout integrates with rugged, reliable construction. And like the D3, the D3X features Nikon’s 51-point AF system with 3D focus tracking. A bright 3-inch super-density 920,000-dot LCD monitor offers precise image review, along with razorsharp, 27x magnification for fast, critical confirmation of focus in one of two Live View modes, all of which contribute to the D3X’s professional potency.

More Nikon D3X Highlights

CMOS Sensor
Extreme resolution 24.5-megapixel FX-format (35.9 x 24.0mm) CMOS sensor
Large 5.49µm pixels capture astonishing detail and subtleties with outstanding dynamic range for demanding commercial applications.

Nikon EXPEED image processing technologies
EXPEED extends and assures breathtakingly rich image fidelity and reduces noise, even at high ISOs.

D3X Sample Image
138 MB1 Processed NEF (RAW) 12 or 14 bit image files
Selectable bit depths of 12-bit (4,096 tones) or 14-bit (16,384 tones), both yielding incredible image quality through a 16-bit processing pipeline, for smoother tonal gradations.

Low noise ISO sensitivity from 100 to 1600
Added ISO settings of Lo-1 ISO 50, Hi-1 ISO 3200 and Hi-2 ISO 6400 extend versatility.

Two Live View shooting modes
Two Live View modes add flexibility, and up to 27x magnification in the Tripod Mode, acute focusing accuracy is easily confirmed.

Continuous shooting at up to 5 fps at full FX-format resolution
Commercial image quality teams with speed and handling to create new shooting possibilities–in the studio or on location.

Fast, accurate 51-point AF system
AF system features 4 Dynamic AF modes, including 3D Focus Tracking, for autofocus precision and razor sharpness.

1,005-Pixel 3D Color Matrix Metering II with Scene Recognition System
Two Nikon exclusive technologies provide intelligent auto exposure capabilities along with refined auto white balance detection and faster, more accurate A performance.

D3X LCD Display
3-inch super-density 920,000-dot VGA LCD monitor
Individual factory calibration assures the color accuracy of each D3X monitor for critical image review.

Additional Features

  • Rugged, durable and precise magnesium-alloy construction
  • 100 percent viewfinder coverage
  • Nikon Picture Control
  • Dual CF card slots with overflow, backup and copy options
  • Virtual Horizon Graphic Indicator
  • Up to 4,400 images per battery charge
D3X Body Construction

What’s in the Box

D3x body, rechargeable Li-ion battery EN-EL4a, Quick Charger MH-22, USB Cable UC-E4, Audio Video Cable EG-D2, Camera Strap AN-D3X, Body Cap BF-1A, Accessory Shoe Cover BS-2, Eyepiece DK-17, Battery Chamber Cover BL-4, USB Cable Clip, Software Suite CD-ROM

Product Description

Nikon is proud to announce the new 24.5-megapixel FX-format (35.9 x 24.0mm) D3X digital SLR camera! Joining the award-winning 12.1-megapixel D3, the D3X brings extreme resolution performance to Nikon professional flagship-level D-SLRs. The D3X was meticulously engineered for professional photographers whose assignments demand nothing less than the ability to capture extreme fidelity, detail and nuance in ways now made possible with the amazing D3X.

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Customer Reviews

29 Reviews
5 star:  (24)
4 star:  (1)
3 star:  (1)
2 star:  (1)
1 star:  (2)
Average Customer Review
4.5 out of 5 stars (29 customer reviews)
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

155 of 164 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Not much to complain about (except the price)…., December 29, 2008
This review is from: Nikon D3X 24.5MP FX CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only) (Camera)

Owned a D3 for one and a half years and traded in for the D3x after trying out the new model for a day. My review is not about price – for the record I think Nikon stretched the barrier on the price point for this which I am not happy about – but as far as performance goes I am happy. The D3x results is are perceptibly superior for landscape and macro photography – which is what I typically shoot – even on just A3+ prints…. so I can imagine that the results would be that much better for larger sizes. Just as many of you, I have also read arguments on the net re the megapixel myth ad nauseam and was half convinced about it but nothing speaks as clearly as prints (and I’m comparing studio shots of the same subject taken with the two different cameras).

Have not tried the D3x for sports photography yet but I suspect that unless you are shooting either motor-sports or winter sports, the moderately slower 5fps in large FX mode compared with the 7fps for the D3 is not going to be an issue.

I also spent a day with the Sony Alpha-900 given that is the only other player in a similar mega-pixel category. The output was all right but overall just not in the same league as the D3x in terms of handling, build quality etc etc (I’m probably biased as I am very familiar with Nikon controls – just found the Sony too ‘fiddly’ and ‘plasticky’ and couldn’t see myself spending hours with it without getting irritated).

Early days with the camera but so far it feels like one of the best DSLR’s I have used especially when the medium format alternatives would involve rendering my large pile of Nikon lenses useless and the replacement cost would be prohibitive. As mentioned earlier the D3x pricing is a different issue altogether and I think that the right price point would have been around $2K lower……will update if and when I discover any shortfalls or glitches.

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53 of 56 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Truly remarkable., March 10, 2009
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Nikon D3X 24.5MP FX CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only) (Camera)

A little context…I’ve shot a lot with a D200, even more with a D3, and most recently with the D3x. Most of my work is in fashion, with a small bit of commercial product work here and there.

I must say – the images this camera produces are truly stunning. Paired with a suitable lens, the detail is amazing…and other qualities, the more subjective ones like contrast and color, are hard to describe but are excellent and for my work, exceed the D3’s already excellent capabilities.

But all the detail in the world can’t help you if you can’t count on the camera to deliver the shot…and that’s where handling comes into play. The D3 is, IMHO, the best-handling DSLR body in the world – a combination of the autofocus system and the camera controls (and the metering system, but I’m usually shooting in manual so don’t rely on it often). The D3x handles identically to the D3x (save for the frame rate), which is exactly what I would have hoped for.

I use this camera mostly at ISO 100; the files delivered are amazingly noise-free. Sure, any camera can deliver at its base ISO…but you truly need to study these files to really understand the cleanliness and enlargement potential.

All in all, this is exactly what I hoped Nikon would deliver. Sure, I’d rather it was cheaper…but if you want the best image quality in digital 35mm format that money can buy, this is it.

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42 of 45 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Yet, July 25, 2009
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Nikon D3X 24.5MP FX CMOS Digital SLR with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only) (Camera)

I purchased and reviewed the Nikon D3 earlier and decided to keep it when I purchased the D3X. The reason I kept the D3 is that I shoot sports, low light, outdoors etc. The capability of shooting with such high ISO settings, high frame rate is what persuaded me to not trade it in. I did not realize just how much more detail the D3X would result in. I also had been almost convinced that higher megapixels is a waste over kill etc. It most certainly isn’t unless you are dealing with small prints, snapshots, presenting just on internet along this line, then it would be a waste. If however you are like me, a want to be professional, larger the image the better, with extreme clarity, detail, conatrast, in a word stunning, then you must try to test out the D3X. I question my decision to keep the D3 but found at recent Zoo outing that both cameras came in handy. I had the Nikon 200mm F/2 lens on the D3X to shoot at greater distance and for the close intight shots, and had the 24mm to 70mm Nikon zoom on the D3. I was able to take about 150 shots on each camera, and found a few I liked because of the composition of my shots, not because of either camera, both are amazing. I found when you view a picture at 100% size from the D3X, I shoot in RAW in both cameras, the results are simply amazing. I could literally see seperate eye lashes of a camel, and elephant, even the lion shots some at a good distance convinced me that if I make it as a photographer it will be in large part of Nikon D3X, D3 and lenses. I love the build of both the D3 amd D3X, sturdy, heavy to some, solid to me. I lugged both cameras around with the above mentioned lenses, along with 2 extra lenses for 7 hours at the Denver Zoo. I spent maybe an hour all day with periodic rest stops. I would do it again and I’ll be 60 in a few months. I love the controls and layout of both cameras which if you like one you’ll like the other they are identical as far as I can tell, I have not closely examend each menu item. I am glad I kept both cameras now because of the changing lens issue, for me it is worth it and love the shots I took with both, but the D3X resolution would make it the choice if I had to choose between it and the D3. I know Nikon will come up with bigger and better in a few years they always do, but for now hard to imagine, how to better the D3X.

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Most Recent Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing beyond my expectations!
I have to say that I was slow to reach for the wallet on this one and delayed my purchase way too long. Read more
Published 29 days ago by Texfiddler

5.0 out of 5 stars Wait…
I have own this camera 2 years.i work photo journalism working mainly Iraq and Afghanistan. Color resolution is ok about average for Nikon. Read more
Published 5 months ago by James Anderson

5.0 out of 5 stars What can I say, it is a D3x!!!!
I shoot professionally, have been using this model for over a year now. Love it! Unless you have a need for video in your SLR, it is really hard to find fault with this camera…Read more
Published 13 months ago by William Gardner

4.0 out of 5 stars Would have got 5 stars if the focus wasn’t defective
This is about my 8th Nikon. Started with the 950? (the one that swiveled in the middle. Then the 995. A step down in style, with magnesium parts now plastic. Read more
Published 16 months ago by James Cooper

5.0 out of 5 stars Compact Flash for Nikon D3x
Ordered Nikon D3x camera and two 16gb compact flash cards. I called Amazon and Nikon before ordering the cards and was told they would be okay for the D3x. Read more
Published 16 months ago by Love Nikon

1.0 out of 5 stars Overrated highly non linear Camera. Warning !
I have owned a lot of professional cameras bodies. I do portraits and photojournalism.
There are good things about this camera which have been over emphasized.Read more
Published 19 months ago by FCE

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing camera
Forgive my very poor english… It’s been only 10 days since I have this amazing camera, so I’m not really aware of what it can do, but I have already taken pictures for two…Read more
Published 21 months ago by Julian Trejos Zelaya

5.0 out of 5 stars Worth Every Penny!
What can I say? The price debate has gone on and on, so I have no intentions of adding to that. It is not about the price but what you get for it. Read more
Published on March 25, 2010 by Gino Vita

5.0 out of 5 stars The High ISO tests against the 5D2 & D700
I bought a D3x this week and the first thing I wanted to do was compare it to the two other bodies in our household: my wife’s Canon 5D Mark II and the Nikon D700.Read more
Published on January 25, 2010 by Alister Benn

5.0 out of 5 stars Nikon D3x another winner in a long line of quality
I’ve had Nikon Cameras for quite some time and this is not a novice camera. The spec’s tell the story. I had mine up in Alaska on a Pop foto Trip and it worked wonderfuly.Read more
Published on November 29, 2009 by H. Mazur
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