2017-7-7 how to cure Diabetes


Diabetes is about insulin resistance.  Diabetes is a dietary diseas. 

We thought Treating the sugar is he solution.  However, 5 years ago they found, sugars didn’t make any difference.  It’s not actually treating the disease. It’s like taking Tylenol for fever. It doesn’t treat the caus. 

All the Medformin is aimed at treating the sugar level.  To take out the excess sugar out of the blood.

What causes the insulin resistance?  A: Insulin causes insulin resistance 

E.g. Addictive drugs, as you take it you need to take higher and higher doses to get the same high.  
So stop treating diabetes by giving more and more insulin. Never going to work. Problem is insulin level gets higher and higher.  

Diabetes is a dietary disease. So the cure is a dietary solution. One of the simpler ways of doing it is intermittent fasting. When you fast your insulin level goes down. So every once in a while e.g. Ramadan, 40 days of fasting – lent, etc.  you break the cycle. 
You can store sugar in the liver is called glycogen. If you store more than that, body turns that in to fat. If you have too much sugar, then it will spill over to blood. Kidneylifescience.ca

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