2010-05-28 List of items

1. I need micro cassette tapes for the panasonic small video camera, which I am planning to use during your visit to Sri Lanka, May be you can get about 6 pieces bundle from BJs.

Call credit card and let them know I am travelling to Sri Lanka and not to block it when I use it
Todo List:

1) Call Emirates passport

2) hdmi cable
3) slingbox
4) batteries
5) tapes
6) check Internet blog how to buy lowest price in Sri lanka duty free
7) DOVE white, pink
8) Kam Man = 57 dark brown color hair color x 10

9) Tomatoe paste x 4
10) bodywash cloths x 3
11) JCPenny kitchen curtains x 2
12) Short sleeve shirt collar size 16
13) Boxer shorts x 3
14) Large tshirts from walmart – Walmart for $ 5 to 7 ..round
or v shape neck t’shirts. size- LARGE please buy about 3 $5/$6
15) Peper Jack cheese
16) Centrum. A-Z vitamin 2bottles. (I want regular centrum. There is a
one over 50. But DON’t BUY THAT ONE)
17) Slingbox
18) AC adaptor convertor BH
19) HB7 hood BH

Uvinie’s list
Here is my list:

1) L’oreal age perfect/Clinique repairwair cream for Amma
2) Pasta – angel hair/sphaghetti
3) Blueberry muffin mix
4) Shampoo for damaged hair (Herbal essences)
5) Jergens ultra healing cream
6) St. Ives mask
7) St. Ives apricot scrub
8) Whiskey for Thaththa – Macullens 18 year
9) Organza perfume

Bandula is the manager of airport ?

TV model Sehan Guhari LGTV42ls90qd $1750
Refrigerator Lgrf342vmmd $430
Washing machine LG Fuzzy Logic 7.0 Kg FULLY AUTOMATIC washing machine. About $250

If I buy the $1750 TV, you might not get another allowance. So, Buy these things under Duwa’s name. That refregirator that Thaththa has asked also should buy under Duwa.s name,I guess.


little items to keep in the bathrooms. I mean decorative items. Don’t worry to buy the kitchen curtains.

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